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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions

How does Londonderry address aging in place?

Londonderry on the Tred Avon’s Health and Wellness program ensures that residents receive the tools to achieve the highest quality personal health and wellness. At Londonderry, we believe in a holistic approach to aging. Total wellness is the key to longevity and quality of life. We are committed to residents maintaining an active lifestyle through a wide array of programs and activities that address the International Council on Aging’s Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Our Five Elements of Fitness program incorporates strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, and coordination into every class. Our fulltime Director of Wellness offers classes on a variety of health and wellness topics, all geared towards preserving independence, optimizing health, and maintaining quality of life for our residents in their own homes.

What if my care needs change while I'm living at Londonderry?

Londonderry on the Tred Avon partners with local agencies to help residents stay in their home. At Londonderry, our goal is for you to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible, even as medical and personal needs change. Our partners include home care services and other on–site specialists such as those trained in caring for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Our partners work closely with our Director of Wellness and residents’ primary care physicians to maximize health benefits, safety, and functioning.

How do I become a member of the Londonderry cooperative?

Your journey to joining the Londonderry cooperative begins with our committed Sales and Marketing team which strives to understand what you are looking for in retirement. The Sales and Marketing team will provide you with valuable information on how to purchase stock in Londonderry and will answer all your questions including giving you a tour of the campus. They are dedicated to understanding your unique wishes and requirements. Purchasing in Londonderry has many similarities you might be familiar with when you purchase real property but there are some unique differences; your Sales Marketing team can help you navigate those differences. Most potential residents opt to join the Priority List by submitting a confidential financial application (along with a non-refundable $100 application fee) and a $1000 refundable deposit. Throughout the entire process, our team is there to help you not only with the application but with any design/renovation requests you may have.

How do I join the Priority List at Londonderry?

Due to the high level of interest in our community, it is recommended that you join Londonderry’s Priority List. Your first step is to work with the Sales and Marketing team who will guide you through the entire process. This includes completing the confidential financial application (along with a non-refundable $100 application fee) and signing the Priority List form and application agreement forms (along with a $1000 refundable deposit) to get you started.

Why should I join the Priority List?

Joining Londonderry’s Priority List offers you the ability to begin immersing yourself in the Londonderry lifestyle while not yet living in community. You will receive personal attention from our dedicated Sales and Marketing team. The Sales and Marketing team will assist you in learning more about community life at Londonderry and what floorplan best fits your needs. You are eligible to join Londonderry residents at select events and participate in activities. By joining the Priority list, you also enjoy first right of refusal on homes that become available for purchase in our community.

How long will it take to purchase a home at Londonderry?

For prospects on Londonderry’s Priority List, the wait time will vary depending upon the current number of units for sale and their position on the wait list. As homes become available they are offered to people on the wait list in the order of their assigned position. Prospective residents are free to decline an offer and not lose their position on the list. There are a variety of models which also affects availability. 

How are the monthly fees determined?

Londonderry operates as a not-for profit community and the annual operating costs are equitably divided by residents. The annual budget reflects the actual cost of living.

What is included in my monthly fee at Londonderry?

  • Twice a month housekeeping
  • Wellness coordination, RN on call 24/7, and 24-hour emergency call
  • Utilities (except cable TV, Internet, and telephone service)
  • Real estate taxes
  • Property insurance
  • Maintenance inside/outside
  • Landscaping
  • Appliance repair/replacement
  • Heating/cooling
  • Snow removal
  • Trash service
  • Transportation on campus
  • 24 hour security
  • YMCA membership
  • Access to all common areas including the Clubhouse
  • Daily management of the community

What is a cooperative retirement community?

There are a very few senior cooperatives in the U.S. and only two in Maryland. Cooperative senior housing is a unique option for people seeking a retirement lifestyle while maintaining control over their investment. All real property (housing and common areas) is actually owned by the corporation with a fee simple title. Membership in the corporation is achieved through the issue of a stock certificate and an Occupancy Agreement. The Londonderry co-op offers the financial benefits of real estate without the burden of home maintenance. In this corporation, co-op owners also have a say in how the community is managed and operated.

How does Londonderry pay for capital improvements?

When residents purchase or sell a home at Londonderry they pay a 3% transfer fee that goes into a capital improvements account. This fund enables Londonderry to handle unexpected maintenance issues as well as plan for future improvements. Historically, residents have never been asked to pay an additional assessment.

What does Londonderry’s meal plan include?

Each Londonderry resident participates in a monthly meal plan, which favors a “country club” plan. Lunch and dinner are available to residents six days a week, except on Sundays, when a Sunday brunch is offered. A la carte menu options are always available.

What type of transportation is available to Londonderry residents?

All transportation on campus is free and many residents take advantage of this for dining and to get to community activities. Residents are picked up at their cottage and brought to the front door of the Community Center, Clubhouse, or Manor House. Transportation is also offered during inclement weather. A nominal flat fee is charged for travel in the local area. Trips to outside areas (airport or Baltimore) are charged by the hour.

Can I bring my pet to Londonderry?

Londonderry is pet-friendly. Residents are required, however, to abide by a noise ordinance, follow the county’s leash laws, provide for pet care during vacations, provide proof their pet’s vaccinations are current, and be courteous to others living on the property.

What will be the return on my investment when I sell my Londonderry home?

As a shareholder in the co-op residents may recoup all of their initial investment, plus appreciation, dependent upon the market’s performance.

Our shared values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Community Pride
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Mutual Tr”Us”t